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When life gave us lemons we made lemon-aid
Managing health conditions with Eriomin
We have all heard that age-old saying when life gives you lemons... We took that saying to heart and made Eriomin®. Eriomin is a patented high-potency standardized extract from lemons that delivers a multi-functional approach to addressing elevated blood glucose levels, inflammation levels, and oxidative stress.*
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A mighty powerful lemon drop
Discover the secret to balanced blood sugar: GLP-1, the body's natural glucose regulator. Learn how this incredible hormone works and explore Eriomin®, our groundbreaking ingredient that supports healthy GLP-1 function for optimal glucose metabolism. Read about the latest research showing that Eriomin can boost GLP-1 levels naturally and reduce hyperglycemia after only 12 weeks of intervention.*
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Reverse Prediabetes
Prediabetes currently affects one in three adults. Eriomin is a clinically-studied blend of flavonoids uniquely formulated to help maintain healthy blood sugar levels.*
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Combat Inflammaging
Inflammation linked to aging is a major risk factor. Eriomin's research-backed formulation offers a natural approach to manage inflammaging and promote longevity.*
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Why Eriomin?
Triple Functionality
Eriomin addresses three interrelated avenues of care: blood glucose, inflammation & oxidation.
Clinically Tested
Eriomin's efficacy was tested in a human double-blind, placebo-controlled clinical trial.
High Potency
Eriomin is extracted only from mature fruit and standardized for premium quality and effectiveness.
Our Flavonoids
Eriomin lemon flavonoids
Eriomin’s proprietary blend is primarily composed of Eriocitrin. Eriocitrin has been clinically shown to support the benefits of Eriomin.* The Eriocitrin in Eriomin is of the highest purity available and is extracted from mature fruit at various maturity stages for a more potent extract.
Eriomin is extracted using Ingredients by Nature (IBN's) proprietary extraction process and is protected by a patent.
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Eriomin Applications
Dietary Supplements
Versatile powder for single-ingredient capsules and blends
Granulated compressed available for tablets
Functional foods & beverages
Suspendable in beverages
Masking property for bitter flavor profiles
Neutral flavor profile
Useful as a natural preservative
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